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Honeymoon at Sandals South Coast

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Honeymoon at Sandals South Coast

Sean and Susan Querry - McCloud, OK

"Thank you so much for helping make our honeymoon so special"


Thank you so much for helping make our honeymoon so special. Sandals South Coast was very nice. It was much different from Negril and Ocho Rios. It seemed to have a much more European influence than the others. That took me by surprise but was nice. It was kinda funny. When we arrived we were somewhat let down to learn that while they had upgraded us to a butler suite, they had not included the butler. However, on our second night there we had the Sandals Select dinner in the ballroom and by the luck of the draw we ended up sitting next to Tamon (The supervisor over the butlers). He was a really cool guy. We really enjoyed conversing with him over dinner. He asked us what room we were staying in and when he learned that we didn’t have a butler he gave me a wink. Susan got up to go to the restroom and he quickly went to action. He left the table for a brief minute and quickly returned. When he got back, he told me that we would have a pleasant surprise when we returned to our room. When we got back after dinner, Kamar (The Butler) was waiting at our door. He gave us a phone and took excellent care of us. I can’t brag on these guys enough. I know they must really have to deal with the most stuck up, spoiled people in the world yet they remain extremely pleasant. We didn’t use Kamar all that much but he really went out of his way to let us know that he was there to make our trip special.

We went on the zip line canopy tour. On our way back, Kamar called to ask where we were. We told him we were on our way back and in a panicked voice he said “Can you give me 10 minutes before you come back to your room?” Susan told him that when we returned to our room, Kamar had ran us a bubble bath complete with flower petals, champagne,and chocolate covered pineapple (Delicious!!!).

Due to the storm we didn’t get much scuba diving in. We dove the day after we arrived. The next day we were signed up for both dives but when we got up we saw the dive boat leaving. They moved it to a safe harbor in Negril expecting the waves to get bad. However, it turned out that our side of the island was barely affected by the storm. However, Negril side saw 8′-9′ swells. Therefore, even though there were several days that we could have dove, they couldn’t get the dive boats back from Negril until the day before we left. Charles at the dive shop knew how bad we were itching to dive. So the day before we left, we dove the 9am and 11 am dives and Charles agreed to schedule a semi private 3pm dive for us since it would be our last chance to dive this trip.

All and all we had a blast. We are both still dying to go to St. Lucia but it looked like they got hit pretty hard by Tomas. You are getting ready to go to South Coast right? Well, tell everybody Hi for us. Remember to tell Tamon and Kamar thanks again for us. Also, I’m not a seafood eater but Susan is and she went crazy over the muscles at Neptune’s. So if you like seafood I guess you have to try them….so I’m told anyways. Hope you have a blast.

Thanks again. Hope to be able to use your services again in the not so distant future. I will try to send you some more pics.