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Honeymoon to Iberostar Grand Hotel Bavaro in Punta Cana, D.R.

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Honeymoon to Iberostar Grand Hotel Bavaro in Punta Cana, D.R.

Emily Kays - Louisville, KY

"It was an amazing honeymoon"

Iberostar Grand Hotel Bavaro Honeymoon Review:

Dear VIP,

The resort was so beautiful! I will attach some photos on this email! It was breathtaking. We had an amazing time and the customer service there was 5 stars!!! Anytime we needed something they took care of it and they were always checking on us to make sure we had everything we needed. The room was great, we were soo happy that we got the swim out suite. They don’t have a lot in the resort so we got lucky that we got one. It was nice if we wanted to be lazy in the late afternoon or morning that we could still take a dip in our room.

The food was really good at the resort, they had 5 restaurants that you could make reservations at. They are super strict about their dress code but thankfully we were good since Andrew brought one pair of long pants and I brought plenty of dresses for dinner. During the day they had water games or something to do outside for free like salsa dancing lessons or 10 minute massage that you could get so there was always something going on around the pools.

It was a perfect place for us for our honeymoon since that is what we wanted to do was just relax. Every night they had music at the lobby bar and a show that you could go to around 10pm. Andrew went golfing at the resort and that was a great golf course so he was super happy about that.

It was an amazing honeymoon and it was great to be able to relax and not have to worry about anything. I will definitely think of you if we want to do another big travel in our future!!!

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