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Sanctuary Cap Cana Wedding Guest Testimonial

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Sanctuary Cap Cana Wedding Guest Testimonial

Hadley Phelps Lord - Warren, CT

"Thank you so much for your help booking!"

Thank you so much for your help booking.

Favorite experience was definitely the spa. I splurged and booked a massage which gives you access to the hydrotherapy which saved my life. I am not a big “all inclusive” person  bc the whole getting drunk by the pool isn’t really my vibe so the spa offered a good respite.

The castle was definitely quieter but the rooms in the main hotel were also nice and I think I would have been just as happy staying there bc the pool bar closed down on the early side and so the only “noise” was our wedding party that was dancing the night away on the weekend until 11 pm.

The design of the hotel was really beautiful. We did an offsite snorkel which was fun and had I been there for longer, It could have been fun to check out the zipline and other offsite adventures they were promoting.

Also the woman who they hired separately to give yoga to our group was AMAZING!!!

Everyone at the hotel and airport transit was really lovely and nice and having the covid testing included took a lot of pressure off of having to figure that out on my own.

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