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Sandals Grande in Antigua Testimonial

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Sandals Grande in Antigua Testimonial

Josh Daniels and Kathleen Lauer - Breinigsville, PA

"Our trip was fabulous"

Hi there!

Sorry it took a bit to get back to you but yesterday was real busy. . . I will try and post something on your web site and include some photos when I am off next weekend.

Briefly, however, I will say that our trip was fabulous…there are 2 aspects to every trip as I see it, the getting there and getting
back part, and the Resort Stay, as far as the first part went the Airlines are just all terrible at times, and thank YOU for sorting out the whole mess. . .we actually had a fun day and evening in Newark at the Crown and coming back on Sunday was good. . .probably a better travel day thanSaturday any way. . .as for Sandals Antigua we loved it. . .the beach is probably the best beach we have ever been to, even nicer than Negril. The water was sooo nice it’s hard to describe, we spent a lot of time there. I really liked the room you booked for us, it was very private and we both felt that the Carribean Village was much nicer than the Mediterranean side.

Food was great, service was great, weather was absolutely perfect!! 80-84 degrees every day, all sun and rained two times at night, no bugs. I really feel that your recomendation to go here was a good, one, thank you again, we would definitely come back and some day will, we now have our sites set on St Lucia The Grand, based on speaking with several people who have been there. . .probably this time next year. . .I now have to go
to work. . .thank you again, you are the best, you always make the extra effort, it means a lot and does not go unnoticed by us

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