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Sandals Ocho Rios Destination Wedding Review

Destination Wedding Reviews

Sandals Ocho Rios Destination Wedding Review

Oliva O’connell and Kody Baker -

"I just wanted to reach out and say thank you again and again! Our day was so dang perfect and I’m so glad we did it this way. The best week EVER."

Sandals Ocho Rios Destination Wedding Review

Hi Jennifer!

I just wanted to reach out and say thank you again and again! Our day was so dang perfect and I’m so glad we did it this way. The best week EVER.

Aside from a menu mix up and a crazy storm of a check-in process everything went smoothly and beautifully!!

We are so glad you and the team were there for us through the long planning process!

Thank you again!

Olivia and Kody

Would you recommend to other couples a wedding at Sandals?

“110% would highly recommend, was everything we dreamed of!”

I have a few couples heading there this year and was wondering if you had any insight to share? (I have 1 specific bride who is stressed…I am sure you remember the feeling!)

“I totally remember the feeling but truly was not necessary to stress. the wedding planners are really good at answering questions and setting things up perfectly, they have all done so many weddings. There are like 2 or 3 per day!  If they are planning on having more than 25 guests the planners do get a bit flustered because they are not used to the large weddings but it ended up being totally fine. 

Also, with larger groups that I wasn’t told, they do not have a lot of location options for that big of groups so we only had one option for rehearsal dinner, ceremony and reception.  I had my sister be the one on standby the day of the wedding if I needed someone to run down to the ceremony site and make sure it was what I wanted and tell them where to put everything so that was super helpful! 

Additionally,  the dance floor was very necessary if people are planning on dancing and having a reception in the sand, was hard to dance in sand lol! Decorations do not matter, I did not even look at the table once, couldn’t tell you what was there.  The lights, however, are important over the reception area, so pretty and made it nice for dinner time to have light. Our votives wouldn’t stay lit so that was a waste, don’t rec candles for beach receptions.  If she wants to contact me directly, you are welcome to give her my email!”

Do you have a photo or 2 of your favorites that you could send me? What is your best memory??

“So many memories, the day after we arrived all 50 something of us took up one entire beach and just partied all day which was so fun and then the following day was the catamaran cruise which was amazing and so worth every penny.  The staff on the boat were SO fun.  One thing to note, they will schedule when you meet with your wedding planner and they scheduled ours at 12:30 the day after we got there which put a huge damper on our relaxing beach day, I wish now I would have called them the day before and rescheduled for an earlier or later time. “

Any words of advice for future brides?

“If you are going with a party group BOOK A GROUP CATAMARAN CRUISE, it was the best time of the entire week, and acted as our rehearsal dinner, we ended up not needing our rehearsal the night after the cruise, we were all too drunk anyway lol! most people showed up but it was a really fast dinner. One thing I was so amazed at is how wonderful the staff is, they are the nicest people and I was taken back by how rude a lot of people are to them, they loved us because of how appreciative we were of them.

Oh lastly, wear sunscreen so you aren’t a lobster on your wedding day ;)”

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