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Vacation at El Dorado Royale

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Vacation at El Dorado Royale

Jonathan Hartman - Ridgewood, NJ

"You won't find another vacation better that this."

This was hands down the most stress-free, romantic vacation I’ve even been to.  Alison handled everything. Literally everything. Having personally experienced the trip herself, she was able to shed genuine light on her experiences. Alison was very professional and demonstrated such kindness in helping us get everything put together.

Moving onto the Resort. holy @#)$(*)@#(%*)…. This is truly what it’s like to feel spoiled and pampered. I’ve never been to a resort where there was such excellent and happy staff that were proud to help you and serve you. The food.. Without going on for hours- I can just say- IT WAS THE BEST FOOD I’VE EVER HAD at a resort. Not crappy buffets.. for gourmet.. Gourmet Inclusive food. The alcohol was not sub-par either. Sometimes other resorts will water-down their drinks. This place was ace’s all-around. I would without question come back here again. Private beach. Close was many different attractions of historical value. Easy commute from the major international airport. You won’t find another vacation better that this.

Thank you VIP and especially Alison for picking out the best vacation.

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