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VIP Vacations Inc.


Vacation to Beaches Turks and Caicos

Melissa Harnish - Boylston, MA

"Our vacation was fabulous"

Yes, sadly we are back from our fabulous vacation.  Came home to snow and cold, then most of the snow melted, only to snow again this morning!

Anyway, yes, our vacation was fabulous.  Everything we hoped for and more.  The accommodations in the Key West village were spacious and luxurious.  We would definitely stay there again.  The weather was fantastic every day.  There was definitely no sign of Beaches or Turks and Caicos being devastated by the hurricane seven months ago.  The catamaran experience was even better than our last visit.  Overall, we were very pleased.  I believe it was one of our best vacations ever, if not the best.  The whole family was very happy, and no one, no one, wanted to leave.

So thank you to both you and Jennifer for your wonderful services once again.