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Vacation to Las Vegas

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Vacation to Las Vegas

Molly Russo and Group - Bethlehem, PA

"We had an AWESOME time in Vegas!"

HI Alison!

We had an AWESOME time in Vegas!┬áThunder from down under was great, our seats were literally front and center…KC got pulled up on stage hahahaha. That was great though, I was a little worried it would be raunchy but it was a great show, very entertaining I highly recommend it.

The party bus was fun, we had a great time but I think if we did it again we would just pick one or two clubs and go ourselves. You stay at three clubs for about an hour each and then you get on the bus to the next club. We had a good time, and the price was good for the transportation. It was nice actually that we shared the bus with other people cause we got to know them and that made the night even more fun! Also our host–Amanda–she was great. She took care of us and made sure we were having a good time. We had a blast. We may have to go back for everyone else’s bachelorette parties so we will be in touch haha!

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