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The FINAL Countdown with VIP Vacations The FINAL Countdown with VIP Vacations The FINAL Countdown with VIP Vacations The FINAL Countdown with VIP Vacations The FINAL Countdown with VIP Vacations

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The FINAL Countdown with VIP Vacations

November 9, 2013

The week before your destination wedding can either be filled with anticipation or engulfed in stress.

Most brides will agree that undo stress can totally effect the overall experience of your destination wedding so reducing the stress prior to departure is key.

Here are some tips to make that final countdown week exciting and productive!

1-If you haven’t created a “don’t forget to bring” list, now is the time to create a list and run through the wedding day from start to finish and write down items that still need to be packed.

2-Pull out and review all of your confirmations for your travel, this includes your flights, transfers and hotel vouchers as well as your passports and legal paperwork that may be required for your wedding.  Add to that list airport parking coupons or car pick up confirmations.  Mark on your list to log on to your airline’s website 24 hours prior to departure and “check in online”.

3-Make sure all of your necessary items for your wedding are packed in your carry on; this includes, jewelry, wedding day shoes, veil, medication, hair accessories and important paperwork. (your wedding gown should be in an easy carry on garment bag as well)

4-Print out and pack all of your wedding options and features you have preordered and paid for and bring that confirmation with you.  If you have a DJ music list, wedding vows, programs, welcome letters, reception favors, name cards/table assignments and other items you might want to give to your wedding planner when you arrive, label and pack those all together so you can easily hand these off to her.

5-Create a list of all of your guests and their contact cell phone numbers and store their emergency numbers in your cell phone.  Mark a time during the week to text all of them at once prior to leaving with any updates or reminders.

6-If you have inspirations photos of your hair/make up and must take photos to show your photographer, create an album on your cell phone for easy access.

And finally,

7-schedule a time to go over any questions you may feel unsure about with your destination wedding agent.  Many times a simple call the week prior to departure can relieve any nerves and provide you with assurances.

To get in touch with a VIP Vacations Inc travel agent click here.


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