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There Are Just Too Many Resorts To Choose From!

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There Are Just Too Many Resorts To Choose From!

September 25, 2011

You have decided to have a destination wedding.  Your family and friends are supportive, and you even have the ideal date in mind.   As you scour through websites and purchase magazines on fabulous destination weddings,  all of a sudden, you start to feel a pounding in your head.  Each resort looks better than the next. You never thought it would be so difficult.  Since you can’t just pick up and tour all of your selected resorts, you decide to do your homework and check out tripadvisor.   Quickly enough you realize that for every good review, there is a negative one, and also find that there is hardly any mention how the resorts handle destination weddings.  Finally you decide to contact a travel expert.   When you consult your trusted travel expert, you explain that you have several destinations in mind and several resorts in all the destinations and also add that you understand the legalities of the locations for weddings and that you have researched many of the resorts’ wedding packages.  Each of the resorts seem to have the price point you are looking for and each destination seems to be an easy flight for your guests and from what you already found out, your date is even available for a wedding.  You know you have done your research but what you are really looking for is help picking the perfect spot!  You need someone to tell you which is the right one for you!

Now, let’s say that I was your trusted travel expert; I would begin to help you narrow your choices by going off of my experience working with the wedding coordinators at each of the resorts you have selected.  As your wedding approaches, having a contact at the resort that is prompt, efficient and easily accessible, can make all the difference in the world.  Maybe this piece of information now shortens your list to about 4 choices from perhaps 7.  I would then tell you what some of my clients have said after they returned from those resorts.   Perhaps, I would even show you their wedding photos and have you look through their testimonials.  This now brings your list down to 2 top resorts.  You are making progress but feel maybe a coin toss might be the easiest way to pick between the two!    What I like to do is get a true idea of what your personality is like.  Each resort has a different personality and if I tried to match the things you prioritize to a specific resort, it is always a winning combination.   Here is a little questionnaire I like to give to couples that I see are struggling with choosing a resort:

Do you like contemporary design?  Rooms that are white, sleek and modern?

OR do you prefer Caribbean features and a tropical feel?  Do you want colorful rooms with an island-like décor?

Are you looking for a resort that only does 1 or 2 weddings per day?

Do you like lots of dining choices?

Is family looking for good nightlife and entertainment?

How long do you want the drive to be from the airport to the resort? (maximum amount of time in a car/van)

If children are attending, do you need a ‘kids club’?

Do you want to customize almost every detail of the wedding or would you rather have an easy menu of options to pick from?

Do you prefer an amazing beach, or a fabulous pool?

Once I get back the answers to these very basic questions, I can really guide you to a resort that fits your needs.   I also have found that if I connect you with one of our previous clients that had a wedding at the resort you are leaning towards, much of your anxiety will disappear.

One of the reasons VIP Vacations has such marvelous testimonials from our wedding couples, is that we really listened to what they were looking for when they began their journey.  We also travel to the top rated destination wedding resorts, meet with the wedding coordinators, establish relationships with the management, and even set up weddings there so that we know all the ins and outs of how a resort handles these precious events.  I often find that a couple’s destination wedding experience, positive or negative, is profoundly affected by their selection of a resort.  Still stumped?  Send me an email or give me a ring and I would be happy to try to match you up with the perfect resort!

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