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Trashing What?

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Trashing What?

March 14, 2012

Trashing What?

There is so much emphasis placed on finding the perfect wedding gown.  Soon to be brides spend hours trying on dresses in search of “the one”  that it is no surprise many gasp when they hear the term “trash the dress”.

This concept doesn’t truly mean taking your sacred wedding dress and burning it, ripping it up or throwing it in the garbage.  The term “trash the dress”, TTD for short, began when photographers started to creatively encourage a wedding couple to pose for photos in unusual areas without consideration of being careful with the bride’s wedding dress.  Laying in a garden among a bed of flowers or standing on the edge of a river, became the rage and soon more couples were requesting that their surroundings be highlighted in their photos.

As this trend merged to destination weddings, brides started taking greater risks and rolling in the sand, jumping in a swimming pool or taking a leap off a pier!  This is not always done after the ceremony, but usually the days following the wedding, couples schedule a photo session to TTD.  I did mine the morning after the wedding.  We even had our kids get dressed up to do this too.  Our youngest still insists it was the best part of the wedding.  Prior to the wedding, I copied photos off the internet and brought them with me to show my photographer all the poses that I loved.  My favorite is what I have dubbed, “The kiss”.

So what about the dress?  Is it destroyed?  When I got home, I had my dressed dry cleaned and it was as good as new.  Some brides choose to buy a less extravagant gown for a TTD and others, like myself, enjoyed getting another opportunity to simply wear the same dress again.  Those photos make me smile when I look back at them and provide a uniqueness that only a destination wedding can offer.   It is also a sentiment that many of my wedding couples echo!

So, are you going to take the plunge?   Here are some more photos of VIP’s wedding couples that loved their TTD!

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