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What A Beautiful Wedding

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What A Beautiful Wedding

November 27, 2010

I never would call myself OCD, in fact, I prefer “detailed oriented”. I created lists, and more lists and checked things off daily before my destination wedding. However, leading up to the days before we left, well it only seemed to make the list grow longer. It was like I would accomplish things, but then realize that there was something else I still needed to do. This sense of having things turn out just perfect was even magnified more by learning that The was going to film our wedding at Beaches Turks. My stomach churned with anxiety. What happens if it rained? What if my 5 extra suitcases of things for the wedding get lost? What if people miss their flights? These were the crazy thoughts that raced through my brain. I didn’t know what I was so worried about though. I had been helping my clients plan their own destination weddings for over 15 years. I had complete faith in the glorious wedding team at Beaches and customized my own “White” wedding theme. Looking back, I think lacking the full control over the weather, and luggage, and flights is really all that stressed me out. I had to just have faith and let go of the stresses of things not in my control.

As soon as we arrived in PARADISE, so many of my nerves were lifted. The weather was amazing and everyone made their flights and ALL of the luggage arrived. Having a film crew follow you around for 4 days was a little unnerving, but in the end, the 9 minute video was a perfect mix of all the events, snapshots of our friends/family and details of the wedding that I will cherish forever. All of our guests dressed in white and for days following the wedding, guests of the resort inquired if ‘we saw’ that BEAUTIFUL white wedding on the beach. The reception went by so quickly but the video even seems to capture the calm breeze that passed over the resort as if it was cooling us off just in time to start dancing. I am amazed that the video still plays on the and has been playing it as well. Just the other day, we received a package of new fall Beaches brochures. I paged thru them, and did a double take at the 5th page. There in the Beaches brochure were our wedding pictures. 7 of them! I had heard from so many friends/clients that our photo’s are displayed at all the Sandals/Beaches snap shots stores and wedding consultation offices, but never could imagine our photos in one of their brochures.

I guess all the lists, and “details” paid off. Knowing first hand what goes into EVERY aspect of planning a destination wedding, has given me such a inside view of the emotions, needs and organization required in making a destination wedding a beautiful event. It is more than group airfare, or blocks of hotel reservations. There are so many questions about locations, flowers, photographer, video, dining choices, and on and on. I can tell you this, spending 5 days with 65 of our closest friends/family members was one of the best memories I will have for the rest of my life. Having a party on the beach of a gorgeous resort and seeing all of my guests really enjoying themselves, made all the stress so worthwhile. When I am tired and over worked, I sometimes glance at the photo album sitting on my desk, and I can’t help but start to feel better.

THAT is the way I want my clients to feel and THOSE memories are exactly what I hope for all of my destination wedding couples!

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