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What about the weather? What about the weather? What about the weather? What about the weather? What about the weather?

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What about the weather?

June 14, 2013

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Every image I had about a destination wedding in paradise before I got married was one of crystal clear waters, powder white sand,  a cool breeze in the air and friends and family with smiling faces looking into the camera.  I had picked a location that certainly had the most beautiful colored water.  Turks and Caicos is known for its gorgeous water and the beach went on and on for miles.  The resort had so much to offer our guests that I was sure they would have the most beaming smiles on their faces.

So what was I forgetting???  Ah yes, the travel !

We had picked a date in June, which though is in the very beginning of the hurricane season, wasn’t statistically the time for a hurricane to hit that area.   But I was still worried about rain.  Rain can totally wash away all the dreamy visions you had expected.  I know that you can’t control the weather, so do you just cross your fingers and pray?  Do you avoid Hurricane Season all together?  Well technically, that would mean from June-Nov 1st (almost half of the year).  What is a bride to do?  There is a fabulous new website out that could help you plan your wedding a year in advance based on what the weather will be like. is this revolutionary site that actually PREDICTS the weather 360 days in advance!  It is free to use, though you need to create a user name and register.  I am not saying that it is 100% accurate, but at least it gives you a more realistic idea of the weather forecast EVEN before you set the date.  This is the 21st centuries version of the Farmer’s Almanac.

Obviously, mother nature is going to do what she will do and so there are some things that you can consider before you travel.  Some resorts provide gala outdoor tenting as an option if the forecast when you arrive points to rain.  Make sure that you check with the wedding planner BEFORE you travel to see what type of back up plans they have for weather.   Ask the planner if they have a policy that allows them to  move your time if the weather in the afternoon is calling for storms.   Oh, and finally, in the Caribbean, it normally rains on most tropical islands a little bit each day.  The locals call it “liquid sunshine”.  I often say that it is nature’s way of telling us to go inside and reapply sunscreen.  Normally though, it clears up after a half hour.  We all love lush green plants and beautiful flowers on the resort grounds and truthfully, that daily water from the skies, is what keeps the tropics tropical.   Now, if you happen to get rained out, why not make something of it and dance in the rain?  I have seen some gorgeous wedding pictures where the bride and groom took their whole bridal party out in the rain and jumped for joy!

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