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What do I get for bringing all these guests? What do I get for bringing all these guests? What do I get for bringing all these guests? What do I get for bringing all these guests? What do I get for bringing all these guests?

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What do I get for bringing all these guests?

May 18, 2011

Whether you are bringing 5 rooms or 25 rooms to a resort, there is an automatic assumption that special savings or deals are out there if you are booking a group. The truth is that many resorts and hotels target groups and there are certainly benefits for having your guest reserve within the room block. However, some classify a group as having 10 or more rooms, some resorts give you a free room at 15 rooms and there are even a few promotions in which as little as 6 rooms will earn you a free room. Finding these group specials can really help if you are debating between a few resorts. Be aware that most resorts base the “free” room on the average length of stay the majority of your guests book. To sweeten group weddings, many other resorts add incentives to wedding groups by giving the bride/groom a room upgrade or providing a private party or spa services just for booking your group.

There are some rules to follow to take advantage of group special: First, make sure you block the rooms you need and have your guests book under that block. Sounds pretty basic but many times friends tend to reserve their space on their own and then their room does not count towards your free space. That can be very frustrating, so be frank with all those you invite and specify how they should make their reservations. Also, some group deals are not combinable with sale rates. This should be evaluated to truly see if the group perks outweigh the promotions available. Finally, I am constantly getting hotel specials for wedding couples so it doesn’t hurt to ask if the resort you are considering has bonus perks and if it doesn’t, make sure you mention that you could be persuaded in another direction if better group deals exist.

Destination weddings are becoming more and more popular and resorts have taken notice so hopefully you can not only have the wedding of your dreams, but also not go broke in the process!

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