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Would I Do It Again? Would I Do It Again? Would I Do It Again? Would I Do It Again? Would I Do It Again?

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Would I Do It Again?

March 26, 2011

If you are going through some stress as you approach your big day and have a million things to do, before you ask yourself “why are we doing a destination wedding again?”, have a look at some of the responses we have received when we polled our previous destination wedding brides.  If you had to guess, how many couples do you think come back from their destination wedding and say that they would do it again?  I would say that at VIP 99% of our clients completely agree that doing a destination wedding was the best decision they made.

I am always so pleased to get such amazing reviews from our destination wedding couples after they submit their questionnaire and even more excited when I read through all their postive remarks.  We recently asked “if you knew then what you know now, would you do it all over again?”  Without hesitation, the responses were “absolutely we would do it again”.

Here are some of the more recent responses and tips we received from our destination wedding couples:

Samantha Hoffman-Jacoby

“I would recommend a destination to any couple that wants a fun non-traditional wedding.  I was told time & time again from guests, that our wedding was the best they have ever been too.  It was awesome to spend 5-7 days with some of our closest friends and family members.  We have so many great memories and the wedding was beyond my dreams.

I would recommend Dreams for anyone going on vacation.  Dreams was so great for the wedding.  It was so great to have the kids involved but at the same time you did not even notice that kids around.  The staff was AMAZING!  The wedding coordinators were so easy to work with and they stuck to their word.  We also enjoyed all of the entertainment that the resort had.  Our guests loved going to the Disco at night and hanging out at the swim-up bar during the day.”

Emily Marquis Vanlandingham

“I would most definitely recommend a destination wedding, if what you want is a no fuss easy going event.

I would recommend Dreams Palm Beach for a wedding if and only if Melani was your wedding coordinator.  I am not sure we will be back to that particular resort, although we are a fan of Dreams in general.

I would recommend DPB if you are looking for an all-inclusive getaway. Its paradise.

TIPS for other brides:  Do your own thing!  Just because you have chosen a beach wedding doesn’t mean it has to have a cheesy beachy theme!  All colors of the rainbow match the schemata of the beach – not just corals and blues.  If you are having hesitations because you want to have a wedding in your home town, take your home town with you!  There are lots of vendors on sites like that can give you a custom feel.  Be creative and personal for things like decor and gift bags.  It goes a long, long way.  Keep your guest in the know by giving them a schedule.  We had the most relaxed wedding celebration weekend because of the schedule!  I didn’t waste one minute telling someone where to be and when.  It was a great way to keep people informed of what kind of time they had between events.  Tell them about the area they have traveled too!  It makes it more interesting for your guests – not just silly facts, but search for the funny stuff.  Don’t just take their decorations and event packages as what you have to pick from!  Tell them what you want and they will make it happen – just make sure you are giving them a clear idea, including pictures of what you want.  We did a la carte for truly an original wedding and it actually cost us the same as if we had bought the package.  We also brought an entire suitcase just for additional wedding decor – worth every penny of the checked baggage fees.  Plus, most of it doesn’t come home with you which you can then put a smaller suitcase into the bigger one.  PACK smart!”

Jenny Davis

“Everything was great and the wedding was everything I could have asked for.  The resort was good, the staff was great, and the wedding was amazing.  The one thing I’d tell the brides is not to worry about anything until you get there.  I really didn’t do much planning prior to going (I hadn’t even picked my colors yet), the only thing I did was send a picture of what I’d like my flowers to look like.  Even with the lack of planning, everything was incredible.  I had my entire wedding planned with Natalia in about 30 minutes and everything was perfect.  Another thing that I was impressed with was the food at the wedding.  I’m usually skeptical about food at all inclusives especially being from NYC and being spoiled with delicious food around all of the time.”

Dana Pietrzak-Petrucci

“I can think of one word to sum it up – AMAZING!!!  But a couple hundred more to ramble on – Its been almost 3 months and I still have people telling me it was the best wedding they’ve been to (and I have to agree!).”

Denise Houghton

“I couldn’t have asked for a better day for our wedding, it was absolutely wonderful!!  Everyone at Beaches made us feel like family even after the wedding day.  Everyone knew our names and continually came up to us to say hello.”

Meredith Worrell

“I want to start off by saying that I had a blast.  From what I understand, all of my guests had a great time also.  I wouldn’t have changed resorts knowing how well everything would come together.  We’ve actually been asked to plan a trip for next year since everyone had such a great time.  I will say that the week did have its hiccups, but looking back on it all I went in with the mindset that something would go wrong and I wound not freak out about it.  So, when things did go wrong I just took in all in stride.

Overall, I would give the experience an A-.  I would definitely do it there again and I can say it was an experience that we will treasure forever.  Just keep in mind that the language barrier may cause some things to go awry, but its things that aren’t the end of the world.  I can say that I was so caught up in my husband and having fun with friends that a lot of the things that I didn’t want I didn’t even notice until I saw pictures afterwards.  Overall, I was a happy bride!!”

Angela Olson

“Beaches exceeded our expectations.  They took care of everything and helped me if I was forgetting something with the wedding (totally missed our initial wedding consultation when we arrived) and they were quick to make rearrangements.  They made the process very smooth.  I could be involved with as much or as little as I wanted and liked that freedom because I was after the “no worries” wedding, and Beaches Negril was the place to go for no worries.  They took very good care of us and our whole wedding party while at the resorts.  My group left with many good friends from the Beaches staff.  There was so much to do at the resort that I never felt pressured to be the host or entertain and the resort was very accommodating towards my group of 24 people.  If I had to give one negative about the resort it would be that the evening entertainment was just ok.  I would have preferred bigger and better but the steel drum band was AMAZING!”

So don’t let stress deter you from experiencing the wedding of your dreams in a tropical location.  Take a deep breath and remember what Bob Marley says “everything is gonna be alright”.

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