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2019 Planning and Resolutions 2019 Planning and Resolutions 2019 Planning and Resolutions 2019 Planning and Resolutions 2019 Planning and Resolutions

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2019 Planning and Resolutions

January 2, 2019

When asked what advice she would give to travelers planning their 2019 vacations, Doncsecz said:


“I think the best advice I can give to travelers planning 2019 vacations is to protect your investment! There are many outside factors that can affect a destination and life throws many curves. Over the years, political issues, weather issues, health warnings, and even upheavals with airlines have caused travelers to spend additional money or even worse, lose money if they wanted to switch dates, locations or cancel altogether. A popular destination today can suddenly appear in scary news headlines. No one should feel insecure about an upcoming vacation and travel insurance is something to fall back on.

I also believe that using a travel professional when planning a vacation is the best ‘hack’ for travelers. Travel consultants listen and ask the right questions and provide vital information to alleviate undue stress.”


And on her advice for how travel agents can best plan for a successful 2019, Doncsecz said:

“For many travel consultants, it is common to tout our areas of expertise, years in the business and reiterate our credibility. However, it is important to ensure potential clients know what a travel professional can do for them.

“So rather than saying, ‘I have 15 years of experience,’ switch it to, ‘my 15 years of travel experience can save you time and money.’

“Additionally, it is so important to have a marketing plan and budget. Investing in marketing with an attack plan is reinvesting in your belief in what you do. For businesses, taking 10 percent of profits should be spent on marketing initiatives to keep the machine churning! If travel professionals want to grow their business, they need to invest in it. Many tour operators, resorts, and cruise lines co-op, so travel professionals can take that 10 percent and seek out partners to market with, which is a wonderful way to reduce the costs.”

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