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AGENT AT HOME with Jennifer Doncsecz

January 24, 2020

Up Close and Personal

Face-to-face communications are always better, and with smartphone technology reaching out to clients via video chat has never been easier.

Delta customer service video chat
PHOTO: Delta customer service video chat. (photo courtesy of Delta Air Lines)

Recently, my son had a doctor’s appointment and was prescribed an antibiotic for strep throat. The unusual aspect about this appointment was that it was conducted over a video phone call on FaceTime. My son was absolutely thrilled that he didn’t need to visit the doctor’s office, sit in a waiting room and then drive to the pharmacy to wait for the prescription.

In 2020, FaceTime will turn 10 years old. Although video conferencing has been used in business for over 25 years, FaceTime provides every smartphone user with the ability to communicate face to face.

Experts agree that although speaking over the telephone, emailing and texting can be vital when communicating with clients, in-person conversations often have the greatest impact. In fact, the Harvard Business Review reported that face-to-face consumer/business interactions are 34 times more successful than emails. Therefore, taking advantage of live video chat technology can translate into more sales and improved client relationships.

Business Insider predicted that in 2020, 75 percent of the world population would be using a smartphone. By implementing face-to-face communications through programs such as FaceTime, Zoom, Skype or WhatsApp, you can increase your business by building long-term relationships.

The benefits of live video conversations include:

Cementing Relationships

Communicating face to face lets your clients know they’re important to you. Your tone of voice, facial expression and posture all communicate that you’re sincerely interested in their thoughts and feelings.

Getting a Read on Clients

Conversations that enable you to see facial expressions and body language make it easier to understand your client and prevent misinterpreting an email or text.

Enhancing Credibility and Trust

Conviction and passion can come alive with facial expressions. You can make a lasting first impression when you’re seen, not just heard.

Creating Connections

A text or email can never really truly convey your personality. People do business with people, not entities. It’s easier to build rapport by giving clients your full attention—attention they can actually witness via face-to-face dialogue.

Source: Travel Pulse

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