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VIP Vacations Travel Blog

VIP Vacations Travel Blog

Everything you need to know about destination weddings, honeymoons, Disney, cruises, exotic travel and European vacations.  In addition, travel news and updates are found in the VIP travel blog.

The Top 5 Disney Restaurants with the Best Atmosphere by Megan Doncsecz

October 25, 2018

On average, there are about 154,000 visitors that enter one of Disney’s four signature parks per day.  Some travelers look forward to taking a journey on rides that are full of nostalgia or thrill.  Others can’t wait to see their favorite characters and snap a pic. But some (me included) are most …

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Why are Spiritual Vacations all the Rage?

June 29, 2018

Why are Spiritual Vacations all the Rage? Written by Jackie Wiliamson. If you dream of visiting Uluru in Australia, the dreamlike Arenal volcano in Costa Rica, then welcome to the club.  Nature and ecotourism are booming among avid travelers. Similarly, with non-profit organizations, Sustainable Travel International reporting that nearly 60% of U.S. leisure …

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Accessible Travel: Getting Around NYC In A Wheelchair by Jackie Williamson

June 15, 2018

With its racing traffic and bustling streets, New York City can seem overwhelming to any visitor — and even more so when you’re in a wheelchair. But, don’t fret! You’ll be surprised to discover just how wheelchair-friendly NYC actually is. For example, recent disability laws require NYC taxis to always stop for wheelchair …

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7 Reasons Why You Need a Getaway Now by Naomi Shaw

September 16, 2017

7 Reasons Why You Need a Getaway Now While it may only be September and the summer break has winded down, for many people autumn is the ideal time to take a vacation—especially for employees who work in industries where summer is the busiest time of year. But even if you’re not …

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Jamaica: “The Home of All Right”

September 8, 2016

Jamaica: “The Home of All Right” is a gorgeous slice of paradise overflowing with culture, music and amazing food. From catamaran rides, to Dolphin Cove, to Mystic Mountain, adventure lies before any age. VIP Vacations Inc. was invited to Jamaica once more, for Sandals’ grand opening and remodeling of what used to …

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The Summer Vacation Technology Contract Every Family Needs

August 16, 2016

Special contribution by Naomi Shaw – It’s hard to enjoy yourself on a family vacation when your kids can’t seem to tear themselves away from their cell phones. Today’s kids are estimated to be spending up to nine hours per day on their phones, which doesn’t leave a lot of time for …

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St Lucia’s 2016 Piton awards

July 20, 2016

St. Lucia, referred to by some as the Hawaii of the Caribbean, is one of the most beautiful islands in the world.  Home of the Piton Mountains, St. Lucia offers breathtaking views, delicious local food, and crystal clear water.  From the bottom of the beach to the top of Jade Mountain, every step …

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Aruba: One Happy Island

June 25, 2016

Aruba Aruba has a slogan: “one happy island”. I also call it my favorite island. I have had the pleasure of spending multiple family vacations at this destination and have very fond memories. After a 5 year hiatus, I was happy to hear that I would be representing VIP Vacations at the …

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