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Covid-19 Destination Wedding Advice Covid-19 Destination Wedding Advice Covid-19 Destination Wedding Advice Covid-19 Destination Wedding Advice Covid-19 Destination Wedding Advice

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Covid-19 Destination Wedding Advice

November 25, 2020

11-12-20: VIP Vacations President, Jennifer Doncsecz spoke at Travel Weekly’s Cruise World. The topic during this virtual event that Jennifer talked about was “Covid-19 Destination wedding advice” Similarly, Jennifer provided tactics in working with the Covid bride”.

Travel Age West Magazine featured Jennifer’s presentation in their Nov 16th issue. The article is entitled “This Travel Advisor Sold More Destination Weddings This Summer Than Last Summer”. Included in this article are Jennifer’s Covid-19 Destination Wedding Advice. The entire article can be found here:

During the presentation, Jennifer provides suggestions for working with wedding couples during Covid-19.

Jennifer’s Destination Wedding During Covid-19 Tips:

  1. Be empathetic. With so much loss happening due to Covid-19, a wedding couple needs their destination wedding travel agent to understand their concerns.
  2. Schedule times to speak over the phone. Many wedding couples are working from home and a sympathetic ear from an expert can ease stress and anxiety. Setting appointments can also allow a wedding couple to gather their questions ahead of time. In addition, a wedding couple can appreciate the time a travel agent spends when you speak with them on the phone.
  3. Keep them updated. Many destinations are changing their entry requirements left and right. Communicating to the wedding couple new rules/restrictions can give them a head’s up on questions their guests might have . Also, keep in mind that communication is key to every good relationship!
  4. Share optimism! There are a lot of naysayers out there and the media tends to showcase the negatives. A wedding couple can become jaded so by being optimistic, you can brighten their day and leave them feeling positive after speaking with you.

VIP Vacations has seen a growing trend for Destination Weddings in 2021 and 2022! We are excited to be working with destination wedding couples as we navigate past the Covid-19 epidemic!

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