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Dreaming Big

March 30, 2019

As the French poet Anatole France wrote, “To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.” Achieving success requires a clear vision that motivates and shapes our thoughts into becoming a reality.

All great accomplishments begin with the dream of doing something, creating something or achieving something. It has been said that dreams are goals with a plan.

Creating a Blueprint

“Dream Big,” the third key in “The Twelve Keys to Success,” goes beyond goal setting. Successful entrepreneurs and innovators realize the value of dreaming big. Big dreams require long-term changes. Dreaming big puts you on the path to creating a blueprint that empowers you to do everything you can to transform goals into reality.

Dreaming big also requires taking risks and being prepared to fail. Your determination to realize your dreams will help you get back up regardless of setbacks.

Pushing Yourself Past Failure

Perhaps the reason why so many successful entrepreneurs recount stories of failing before reaching their goals is that their dream pushed them past the failures. Their failures created opportunities to learn and grow.

By dreaming big, you will be fueled with purpose, try things you never would have tried before, become more optimistic and seek new ways to learn and innovate. Nothing will seem impossible.

Every dream starts in your subconscious mind. What you think generates what you feel, and what you feel fosters how you behave.

Controlling Your Thoughts

Your thoughts have an enormous impact on your life. Controlling the direction of your success begins with controlling your thoughts. Dreaming big involves holding tight to the thought that sparks the vision of a better life—one with success, happiness and accomplishment.

The path toward your dream might be difficult, but dreaming big allows you to look at life with the perspective that you can achieve anything. In the words of travel writer Barb Rees, “Dream big for you can’t stuff a great life into a small dream.”

Source: Travel Pulse

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