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FOX Good Day Philadelphia – July 9, 2010 FOX Good Day Philadelphia – July 9, 2010 FOX Good Day Philadelphia – July 9, 2010 FOX Good Day Philadelphia – July 9, 2010 FOX Good Day Philadelphia – July 9, 2010

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FOX Good Day Philadelphia – July 9, 2010

July 9, 2010

Whether it’s for your luggage or for other extras, the airlines are charging more fees for your travel. Now, get ready to pay more for international travel, and this has to do with passports.  Good Day Philly Travel Expert shares what you need to know!

Jennifer Doncsecz, president of VIP Vacations, joined “Good Day” Friday morning to explain these extra fees for passports, the difference between them and passport cards, and how soon before your trip should you apply.

If you plan on traveling, get your passport before July 13. it depends on what you’re going to get, but count on an average increase of about $35. Even minors’ passports (under age 16) are going to now cost $105, and adults’ passports will be $135.

It’s getting pretty pricey for a family four to travel, but the government has been implementing a tiny electronic chip in the passports to increase security.

Some of the airlines, like United, are concerned that these extra fees will deter travelers from buying international tickets but won’t drop their fees. Doncsecz said airlines actually have more flights that are filled now.

“Industry experts are saying that people are going to travel this year. They’ve done away with the ‘stay-cation.’ They want to travel,” Doncsecz said. ” If you need to get a passport, do it before the 13th. There’s a lot of places where you can make appointments to go and do it, you can save some money and, remember, kids’ passports are only valid for five years. That’s very important.”

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