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Habits of a Champion with Jennifer Doncsecz Habits of a Champion with Jennifer Doncsecz Habits of a Champion with Jennifer Doncsecz Habits of a Champion with Jennifer Doncsecz Habits of a Champion with Jennifer Doncsecz

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Habits of a Champion with Jennifer Doncsecz

March 17, 2020

Habits of a Champion with Jennifer Doncsecz

How many of these characteristics do you employ on a daily basis?


Habits of a Champion
PHOTO: The Rocky Statue in Philadelphia. (photo via Flickr/Ashlyn Gehrett)

Throughout history, great stories are told of generals, business tycoons, athletes and world leaders who overcome obstacles, fierce competition and adversity to emerge victoriously.

Understanding what champions are made of can provide insight into becoming the best that you can be.

The characteristics of many iconic champions are examined in the book, “Habits of a Champion,” by former New York Yankees performance coach Dana Cavalea. The book details how developing a champion mindset can transform average into extraordinary.

Here are five qualities that help build a habits of a champion mindset:


Champions have a vision and map out a strategy they will execute. Through discipline and consistency, they do not lose sight of their vision.


Champions are connected to what they want to accomplish and driven with purpose.


Champions never stop learning. They always seek opportunities to cultivate their abilities through knowledge and education.

Mental Fortitude

Champions have the ability to push aside doubts, cope with setbacks and stay focused on achieving a goal. They know that challenges are not optional, but required.


Champions do not give up, which requires inner strength and the wherewithal to continually push through obstacles, make sacrifices and risk failure.

As a 25-year veteran travel professional, I have seen years of booming sales and business growth as well as periods where unexpected crises shattered tourism to certain destinations, resulting in huge setbacks.

As Rocky Balboa in the movie “Rocky” said, “It ain’t about how hard you hit, it is about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward; how much can you take and keep moving forward.”

Successful agents have learned to be resilient and have gotten back up many times. Yet simply surviving is different from thriving. Thriving in this industry requires something more.

Understanding the mindset of a champion is the first step in the journey toward becoming a champion.

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