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Jennifer Doncsecz featured in Agent at Home Jennifer Doncsecz featured in Agent at Home Jennifer Doncsecz featured in Agent at Home Jennifer Doncsecz featured in Agent at Home Jennifer Doncsecz featured in Agent at Home

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Jennifer Doncsecz featured in Agent at Home

January 23, 2020

Hooked on Books featuring Jennifer Doncsecz

How reading can help improve your professional and personal life.

Jennifer Doncsecz monthly article
PHOTO: Woman reading a book on the beach. (photo via Yumi mini/iStock/Getty Images Plus)

I have been hooked on books ever since I first read “Anne of Green Gables” in fourth grade. I inhale books, eagerly looking forward to my monthly book club meetings. The act of reading every day has helped me in all aspects of my life.

Recently, I heard billionaire Warren Buffet credit his success in large part to his voracious reading habit. Scientific research has shown that reading builds fluid intelligence, which is the ability to solve problems, understand issues and detect meaningful patterns.

Reading increases emotional intelligence, which is the ability to understand and respond to your feelings as well as those of others. Reading boosts crystallized intelligence, which is that bank of information stored in your brain.

It also provides many other benefits that can improve your quality of life. Here are five positive outcomes that reading provides:

Increases Empathy

A 2013 study by the New School in New York found that people who read novels had a better ability in sensing and responding to the emotions of others, enabling them to put themselves in another person’s shoes.

Reduces Stress

Because work can be all-consuming, reading provides a distraction and escape from everyday life. A 2009 University of Sussex study found that reading for just six minutes could reduce stress levels up to 68 percent.

Boosts Concentration

In addition to an increase in concentration, reading also reduces memory loss. Reading requires focus in order to understand the words that are being absorbed. Continued focus builds concentration. Likewise, concentration stimulates the brain, which then heightens memory.

Improves Writing Skills

Reading demonstrates how words flow and come together on paper. The more you read, the broader your vocabulary becomes, resulting in increased literacy skills and enhanced writing ability.

Builds Critical Thinking

Reading is a great teacher that incorporates information into your mind. This information is helpful in analyzing objectives and making sound decisions.

Beyond entertainment, reading can actually contribute to a more fulfilled and accomplished life. As Dr. Seuss so poignantly said, “The more you read, the more you know. The more you learn, the more places you’ll go.”

Source: Travel Pulse

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