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Jennifer Doncsecz was Featured in Travel Pulse Jennifer Doncsecz was Featured in Travel Pulse Jennifer Doncsecz was Featured in Travel Pulse Jennifer Doncsecz was Featured in Travel Pulse Jennifer Doncsecz was Featured in Travel Pulse

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Jennifer Doncsecz was Featured in Travel Pulse

January 3, 2020

Deep Cleansing Breaths

In yoga, each practice begins with controlled breathing. Unlike cardio training, which often involves inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth, yoga encourages inhaling and exhaling through the nose. This method creates heat within and can produce sound that helps establish focus.

At the end of yoga practice, a cleansing breath of exhalation is often released through the mouth. Prior to this final exhalation, yoga teachers may add a vocal component and instruct the class to release the breath by saying “ahhh.” This practice of deep, cleansing breathing has been found to reduce stress and aid in emotional balance.

Tackling the Issues

As AGENTat HOME celebrates its 15th anniversary, I’m reminded of breathing out “ahhh” in yoga class, as I have found the stories and columns to be the source of advice and education that provide me with the necessary tools needed to tackle issues, handle stressful situations and build my business. Just like the feeling I’d get after a yoga class, with every issue I read, I suddenly felt “balanced” and equipped to face new challenges.


For the first eight years of the last 15, I worked from home. During that time, I often felt as if I were on an island, alone and struggling with what I thought were unique problems. This feeling was greatly diminished each time I read AGENTatHOME.

Over the years, I’ve found myself smiling after reading columns by Stuart Cohen. I’ve felt relieved about the longevity of our industry after reading columns written by the Millennial Lindsey Epperly.

Forging Partnerships

With great fondness, I remember reading about an up-and-coming hotel brand that resulted in my steering my business in a specific direction that has become one of the greatest partnerships my company has had over the last 12 years.

As I look back, I believe that AGENTatHOME is not only a lifeboat to so many home-based agents who feel as if they are isolated on an island; it’s also a source of deep-cleansing, relieving “ahhh” breaths for travel professionals in search of advice and travel industry knowledge.

Source: Travel Pulse

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