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Justin’s Top Five Hidden Treasures of Disney Justin’s Top Five Hidden Treasures of Disney Justin’s Top Five Hidden Treasures of Disney Justin’s Top Five Hidden Treasures of Disney Justin’s Top Five Hidden Treasures of Disney

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Justin’s Top Five Hidden Treasures of Disney

January 8, 2019

Justin’s Top Five Hidden Treasures of Disney

VIP Vacations Disney Expert Justin’s top five picks for hidden adventures and fun opportunities that the Walt Disney World Resort has to offer — that maybe not everyone knows about!

Fantasia Gardens Mini-Golf
#5 Fantasia Gardens Mini-Golf

Who doesn’t love Mini-Golf? The Walt Disney World Resort has no shortage of creativity when it comes to this puzzling putt-putt park. You’ll play your way through the entire 1940’s Disney Animated Film Fantasia in a dazzling 18 hole course. Comparable only to Disney’s other Mini-Golf opportunity, “Winter Summerland” near Blizzard Beach, I think Fantasia Gardens steals the top spot only because of its amazing dedication to atmosphere and the Disney film it’s based on.

$14 Per Person and open from 10AM – 11PM


Agent P's Secret World Showcase Adventure

#4 Agent P’s Secret World Showcase Adventure

The closest I’ll probably ever get to feeling like a spy traveling from country to country, Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure is an interactive scavenger hunt right at home in EPCOT. When you download the Play Disney Parks mobile app, you too can experience what it feels like to be a part of a globetrotting expedition full of mysteries and clues. There are 6 expeditions and all last about 30 minutes a part, so be sure to account for time.

This one is FREE and goes off of the World Showcase’s hours of operation(usually 11AM to 9PM).


Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom
#3 Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom

Want to experience a little bit more Disney Magic while at the Magic Kingdom? Why not become a sorcerer in training! Stop by the Firehouse on Main Street U.S.A for your introduction to a different interactive experience unlike any other. You’ll be given spell cards and a map to explore the Magic Kingdom and do battle against some of the Disney World’s greatest Villains. With 9 different quests, over 20 magical portals hidden all over the Magic Kingdom, and a countless combination of spell cards, you can spend entire DAYS battling the forces of evil.

This one is ALSO FREE and goes off of the Magic Kingdom’s hours of operation(usually 8AM to 11PM).


Keys to the Kingdom
#2 Disney’s Keys to the Kingdom Tour

Who knew that Disney offered a tour where they expose all their tricks, secrets, and legends! I didn’t until I turned 21 and experienced the tour for myself. You’ll find yourself walking all over the Magic Kingdom being led on an exclusive tour by a knowledgeable Disney guide. On this tour you’ll hear about the Haunted Mansions urban legends, the secret facts and stories behind Main Street U.S.A., and even get to go underground using Disney’s “Utilidoors.”

I would only recommend this tour to those who aren’t bothered by seeing the company at work, because this has been known to break the illusion for some.

This tour is about $100 a head and is dependent on weather and Magic Kingdom’s hours of operation(usually 8AM to 11PM)


#1 EPCOT Seas Adventures – DiveQuest

You’ll need to be scuba certified to partake in this, and luckily, I have been since I was about 16; Because this is a life-changing experience. Diving in the Living Seas’ Salt Water Aquarium is an opportunity I didn’t even know I could experience until my mother surprised me with it. I got to swim in the same tank I had been watching since I was an infant. I got to swim with turtles, sea horses, and SHARKS: things I had never seen out in an open water dive. I have countless stories to share regarding this dive and would be more than happy to divulge! It’ a 40 minute dive with a 2 hour introductory course, but it’s worth every second.

This is a $180 per diver session(all equipment provided) and is dependent on EPCOT’s schedule, as they only dive at certain times on certain days(usually 4:30PM).

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