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Newsmax TV Interviews VIP!

December 28, 2020

Newsmax TV Interviews VIP Vacations President, Jennifer Doncsecz for their National Report show on December 24, 2020. The topic discussed was “traveling over the holidays during a pandemic”. This spot appeared at 9:47 am.

TV Travel Expert, Jennifer Doncsecz, shared with the viewers tips on understanding each state or country’s rules of entry. Additionally, she discussed being aware of the quarantine, Covid PCR test requirements. Likewise, Jennifer also emphasized the need to read up on how to reenter each state following travel as many states have their own requirements.

The TSA guidelines for flying were mentioned during the interview. Examples such as wearing a mask, have valid ID as well as arriving at least 2 hours prior to a flight’s departure time.

Finally, Jennifer shared how the pandemic has affect travel agencies. Jennifer openly alerted viewers to the devastation Covid-19 has had on travel/tourism. In addition, Jennifer explained that 80% of travel/ tourism jobs have been lost. Although the media has focused stories on restaurants, salons, and gym’s suffering, it doesn’t appear that the media has paid much attention to the plight of those in travel/tourism.

The entire interview is found here:

Jennifer Doncsecz is a TV travel expert. Her interviews can be seen on Good Day Philly, Fox National News, WFMZ news, CNN Headline News and PBS.

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