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Surrounding Yourself With the Right People Surrounding Yourself With the Right People Surrounding Yourself With the Right People Surrounding Yourself With the Right People Surrounding Yourself With the Right People

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Surrounding Yourself With the Right People

March 31, 2019

Runners training for a race often seek those who are faster to train with as a means to improve their time. Cross-country coaches contend that training with faster runners leads to huge performance gains. Those you interact with regularly have a huge impact on your success. As the late author and motivational speaker Jim Rohn liked to say, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

Behaviors are contagious, and “get around the right people” is Key No. 2 in @BizPrivy’s “Twelve Keys to Success.”

Choosing a Tribe

Career coaches have also echoed the importance of surrounding yourself with the right people as a way to increase success, which goes beyond networking and meeting influential people. It means choosing the tribe you will spend the most time with, which can push you toward your goals and help you stay on track.

Conducting Audits

To turn this key and unlock success, it is important to conduct an audit of those you spend time with. Ask yourself if they elevate your standards, inspiring you to reach for new goals; promote a positive rather than negative attitude; advocate for a healthy work ethic over a sense of entitlement; exude integrity that encourages you to stay focused and avoid shortcuts; and provide support as well as honest feedback.

The “right” people to spend time with are those who are inspired, motivated, goal-oriented and often smarter than you. Like runners training with faster runners, you will find that the habits of successful people can positively influence your habits.

Finding Clients

Utilizing this key to success means being cognizant of those you spend time with. Finding the right people might require joining a mastermind group, searching for a mentor, attending conferences with other like-minded individuals or connecting via social media with those with whom you wish to emulate.

Oprah Advice

Oprah Winfrey once said, “Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher.”

So choose your company wisely and follow Oprah’s advice to be relentless in your quest to spend time with those who inspire you to be greater than you currently are.

Source: Travel Pulse

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