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6 Tips to Making the Most of your Unico 20˚87˚ All-Inclusive Vacation

September 30, 2022

AUTHOR: Liz Moran, Weddings Supervisor As a Travel Advisor, I am lucky enough to travel throughout the Caribbean & Mexico multiple times each year, and one of the resorts that sticks out as one of my favorites is Unico 20˚87˚! Unico 20˚87˚ is located in the Riviera Maya area of Cancun (which …

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VIP Disney Expert Justin

January 8, 2019

Did you know that almost every VIP agent has been to Disney?? We have the experts to help you plan your family vacation, and our agency is an Earmarked agency as well! We can help with everything from finding you the best price, to booking dining reservations and fast passes and so …

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VIP Disney Expert Ryan

January 2, 2019

Meet your next VIP Disney Expert… Ryan! “To me Disney is the ultimate memory-maker. Some of my happiest memories throughout my life include clowning around with my family throughout the parks, and now that I’m older being able to drink around the world in EPCOT ain’t so bad either. As a theme …

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VIP Disney Expert Alison

December 31, 2018

Meet your next VIP Disney Expert, Alison. This is why she loves Disney: “I love Disney because there is something special for all ages. Obviously, it is an amazing place for kids, but there are plenty of things for adults too. What I particularly enjoy is that if you are lucky enough …

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Why are Spiritual Vacations all the Rage?

June 29, 2018

Why are Spiritual Vacations all the Rage? Written by Jackie Wiliamson. If you dream of visiting Uluru in Australia, the dreamlike Arenal volcano in Costa Rica, then welcome to the club.  Nature and ecotourism are booming among avid travelers. Similarly, with non-profit organizations, Sustainable Travel International reporting that nearly 60% of U.S. leisure …

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Sprinting Toward Success by Jennifer Doncsecz

May 18, 2018

Sprinting Toward Success Discovering what pushes marathoners to succeed will help you harness the power of internal motivation. Marathon runners often say that the hardest miles are the last five in their 26.2-mile quest. The adrenaline rush no longer masks the body’s fatigue, and the mind starts playing games. Yet, once they …

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Finding Meaning in What You Do by Jennifer Doncsecz

December 14, 2017

Finding Meaning in What You Do  Determining what is meaningful in your career will help you acquire fulfillment as a travel professional. Sometimes, finding what provides you with meaning is not easy. If you’re like most travel consultants, you didn’t grow up knowing that you wanted to become an agent—which makes it …

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“Telling Your Story with Pictures” by Jennifer Doncsecz

April 19, 2017

VIP Vacations President Jennifer Doncsecz wrote “Telling Your Story with Pictures” for Vacation Agent Magazine. This article talks about social media and how to use photos as a travel professional. To get in touch with a VIP Vacations Inc travel agent click here.  

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