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VIP Disney Expert Justin VIP Disney Expert Justin VIP Disney Expert Justin VIP Disney Expert Justin VIP Disney Expert Justin

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VIP Disney Expert Justin

January 8, 2019

Did you know that almost every VIP agent has been to Disney??

We have the experts to help you plan your family vacation, and our agency is an Earmarked agency as well!

We can help with everything from finding you the best price, to booking dining reservations and fast passes and so much more! Our first Disney expert that we’d like to introduce you to is… Justin!!

Here’s what he says his favorite thing about Disney is:
“My favorite part about Disney is the Time-Traveling. This may surprise you, as most people don’t know that Disney has a Time-Traveling-Machine, but I can confirm it to be true! Every time I go to Disney I turn back into a 5-year old: A giggling, hyper-active, little nerd. If I weren’t so used to it, I would say that’s it’s crazy or unusual, but I have a smile plastered across my face from Park Open to Close. There’s just no other place like it. It leaves no doubt when confirming its status as ‘The Happiest Place on Earth.’”


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