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The Definition of Attrition

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The Definition of Attrition

June 10, 2012

What is the definition of attrition anyway?

Do you remember “School House Rock”?  There is a song that called “conjunction junction, what’s your function”.  School House Rock did an amazing job of teaching with rhymes and music.  Over time, I too, have tried to incorporate humor and rhyming of hard to explain subjects when meeting with clients and even in my blogs.

It is not every day that grown adults need to reach for a dictionary to look up definitions.  Most people use words in their vocabulary that are “standard” and easy to understand.  However, this is not true when you are given a group contract from a hotel or resort.  It’s bad enough that every time we receive a new contract, we need to take a magnifying glass just to examine the “fine print”, but it also lists archaic words that the average person has never seen or used before. We know how important it is to know the true definitions of “contractual” wording so that we can explain the penalties, reduction policies and inclusions to our wedding couples per their contract.

So what is Attrition?

One of the KEY words in most group contracts is “attrition”.  So what is the definition of attrition?  An attrition clause in the contract is a commitment to pay for a specific number of rooms and should your number decrease, this reduction of numbers may require a payment as a penalty.  To complicate things even more, some attrition clauses also use percentages.  On top of needing a dictionary, you now need a calculator too!  There may be a 90% attrition clause.  As an example, if you hold 20 rooms, this attrition clause would mean that you are committed to bring at least 18 rooms OR you will pay a penalty.   We have read some contracts that have a 100% attrition clause.

In addition, some attrition clauses are for a total number of rooms and some are for a total number of room nights.  Similarly, there are many contracts that also list ‘inclusions’ based on a number of rooms.  This simply means that if you have a group of rooms, the contract may include upgrades and other group perks.  The key here is that you maintain a specific number required to receive the inclusions.  One of the more difficult things to explain is the “free” space or rooms listed in the contract.  If a contract reads, “1 free room for every 10 paid rooms”, this means that the 11th room is free—not the 10th.  This would also mean that you need to hold 11 rooms even though most group contracts list inclusions at 10 rooms.

Once we receive a group contract, VIP scours through the wording and details the tiny print for our wedding couples.  We are experts in reviewing contract and negotiating key factors to help our wedding couples.

Now that you know the definition of attrition, enlist a VIP travel expert to handle the fine print and details of your group contract.  Furthermore,  VIP Vacations can request group contracts for hotels for destination weddings, incentive groups, family/friends group blocks, conferences, school reunion groups,   when securing a group contract at a hotel or resort.

VIP Vacations can provide you assistance in negotiating rates, and contract terms.  Our travel consultants can provide you with the ease of mind so that when you sign the contract, you know exactly what you are signing!

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