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Unlocking Your Success

April 1, 2019

If you were asked what it takes to be successful, what one key attribute would you say is absolutely necessary? Several years ago, I came across a grid that lists “The Twelve Keys to Success” by @BizPrivy on Pinterest.

Unlocking the Grid

The genius of the grid is its simplicity. It displays an image for each key and then under each image, no more than six words are used to describe its meaning.

Each key of “The Twelve Keys to Success” creates an opportunity for conversation and self-reflection – while demonstrating the building blocks for a strong foundation in attaining professional success. Each of the keys holds different levels of significance depending on one’s own personal experiences.

Interview Responses

When I interview potential job applicants, I pull out this grid and ask, “Which do you think is the most important key?” There is no right or wrong answer, but understanding what someone believes is needed to be successful can provide keen insight into creating a pathway toward achieving success.

I recently reviewed the responses that I received from the last 10 job candidates I had interviewed. Astonishingly, nine out of 10 of the applicants said that the one key they believed to be the most important was “Do what you love” (with a heart picture as the key).

Upon hearing this response, I ask, “What do you love to do?” Often what followed was a description of a personal passion. I also noticed a rise of energy and a sense of joy with each description.

Loving What You Do

Clearly, having a passion for what you do can provide significant meaning to your life. The legendary trumpet player Louis Armstrong liked to share this adage: “If you do what you love, you will never have to work a day in your life.”

In my next 11 columns, I will explore the rest of the 12 different keys found on this grid.

It is my hope that each key will create a dialogue that enables you to chart your course in reaching your own success.

Source: Travel Pulse

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