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Disney Packing List: Everything You Need and Nothing You Don’t Disney Packing List: Everything You Need and Nothing You Don’t Disney Packing List: Everything You Need and Nothing You Don’t Disney Packing List: Everything You Need and Nothing You Don’t Disney Packing List: Everything You Need and Nothing You Don’t

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Disney Packing List: Everything You Need and Nothing You Don’t

September 25, 2023

Are you traveling to Disney soon? Figuring out what to pack can get quite stressful! Our Disney agents at VIP Vacations have been traveling once a year for over 25 years to Florida and have perfected the art of packing for their trip!

We know that Disney is an expensive vacation that requires a lot of planning. With these packing recommendations, you can save money, ensure you are comfortable and well prepared for all the Disney has in store for you!

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It’s no secret that the weather in Florida can be predictable at best. Having a pack of ponchos in your backpack will keep you ready to go for those all-too-popular afternoon showers!

We hope that your trip is filled with warm days and sunshine but it’s best to be prepared!

We love this affordable pack from Amazon, which comes in a few different color options!

Cooling Towels

To make sure you are prepared for the heat, especially if you are traveling during the summer, cooling towels are a lifesaver! All you need to do with cooling towels is get them wet (whether that be in a bathroom sink or water fountain) and squeeze out the excess water.

Your towel can stay cool for up to 3 hours depending on the weather! This brand comes with individually wrapped towels so that you can store them after wetting them, and a clip to attach to your backpack for safe keeping!

Packing Cubes

No matter where you are traveling, a necessity for more organized packing are these cute little packing cubes. They come in all shapes and sizes and are great for consolidating your clothes in your suitcase to make more room or allow you to pack some more essentials!

Pro tip: You can organize by outfit so you have less to think about when getting ready every day!

Blister Band-Aids

There is nothing that could ruin your day more than an unexpected blister! You will be walking thousands of steps per day and we recommend that you are fully stocked to handle any pesky blisters that you may get during your trip.

We love these Dr. Frederick’s Better Blister Bandages! These specific Band-Aids are water-proof, too!

Reusable Water Bottle

A little known fact when traveling to Walt Disney World is that all of the counter service and quick service dining locations throughout the resorts and parks will provide free cups of ice water if you just ask. Say goodbye to continuously buying $5 bottles of water when using a reusable bottle! Plus, this one can collapse to provide you with even more space in your park bag.

Portable Phone Charger

We know you won’t want to be glued to your phone your trip, but when using the Disney app (for mobile ordering, virtual queues, wait times and more) your phone battery may drain quickly! Be prepared with this power bank

Dramamine/Motion Sickness Gummies

You never know how your body (or your kiddos’) will react to a certain attraction or ride in the parks. Our agents never travel to Disney without multiple forms of motion sickness medication, just in case!

Neck Fans

Another way to combat the Florida heat is a neck fan!

Pro tip: Put the cooling towel mentioned above over the neck fan for even cooler air!

Toiletry Organizer

After stocking up on all your necessary toiletries for your upcoming trip, it’s extremely helpful to now keep them organized. We love the different designs this toiletry organizer offers and that it comes with a handy hook for hanging!

Some more Disney packing essentials that we love:

Reusable straws

Disney Themed Universal Stroller Organizer and Cargo Net for extra storage!

Disney Accessories: A Mickey Fanny Pack or a few Minnie Claw Clips!

Handheld Water Misting Fan

Mini First Aid Kit

Are you ready to book your next Disney vacation?! Make an appointment with one of our many experienced Disney experts today. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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