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VIP Vacations Inc.

VIP Vacations Bridal Weekend 2014

VIP Vacations Bridal Weekend 2014

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Bride Dress Rehearsal_VIP Travel 2014_PT1Bride Dress Rehearsal_VIP Travel 2014_PT2

Bride Dress Rehearsal_VIP Travel 2014_PT3_1

Bride Dress Rehearsal_VIP Travel 2014_PT4


Here is a look at some of the exciting packages you’ll be seeing at the Bride’s Dress Rehearsal.

See the video below:


VIP Destination Wedding Experts


Travel Designer

"Adventurous Homebody"

Favorite Location:

Entering into Diagon Ally through the brick wall

Favorite Drink:

Mango Mojito

Favorite Song:

“Outside” by Ellie Golding

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