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Scenic European River Cruises

Scenic European River Cruises

European River Cruises

Join Scenic for a luxury European river cruise on the waterways of Europe, and journey through a land of indelible culture and heritage. The rivers of the continent connect more than countries; they allow you to discover multiple destinations in one seamless journey — from enchanting capitals to landscapes of arresting beauty.

A cruise through Europe’s historic river system is the perfect way to unearth the enriching highlights of the continent. Travel in 5-star style on-board a Scenic Space-Ship, and let the unforgettable sights come to you.Thanks to our impressive fleet of Space-Ships, we cruise to every corner of Europe. Discover the ‘joie de vivre’ of France on the Seine, Saône, Rhône, Garonne and Dordogne. Bask in the sun-kissed beauty of Portugal’s Douro. Or cruise the classic routes of the Rhine and the Danube through Europe’s cultural heartland, and all in the utmost elegance and luxury. With Scenic river cruises, a journey of wonder and discovery awaits.

~ Architecture enthusiasts

~ Culture

~ Explorers

~ History Buffs

~ Wine-connoiseurs

Enriching Excursions, Every Step of the Way

Wherever you choose to travel on the rivers of Europe, extraordinary moments await around every passing bend. Our journey designers have handpicked a collection of exclusive experiences in every destination we visit. We call these excursions Enrich and Freechoice, and they’re available to all of our guests at no additional cost.
Scenic Freechoice gives you the freedom to explore Europe’s finest destinations at your own pace. Cycle the banks of the Danube between Melk and Dürnstein, explore Mozart’s former home in Salzburg, or rummage a French food market in Lyon. With Scenic Freechoice, you have the flexibility to personalise your days ashore by choosing the activities that suit your taste.
And as for Scenic Enrich, these exclusive encounters transport you to the cultural heart of local life, providing special memories to treasure. From a classical concert in Avignon’s spectacular Palais de Papes, to a medieval banquet in Germany’s imposing Marksburg Castle — a truly spectacular experience awaits with Scenic Enrich.

Life on-board a Scenic Space-Ship

Both on-board and onshore, we go to the Nth degree to provide the ultimate European river cruise experience. Our fleet of 5-star Space-Ships are among the most spacious and luxurious on the continent, each meticulously designed and crafted to offer the very best in safe, luxurious river travel.

Our European river cruise destinations

Explore beautiful cultural destinations such as Vienna, Prague and Amsterdam, journey through time as you uncover historical architecture and sail into spectacular surroundings on board our European river cruises.Travel through Bordeaux on the Dordogne, or relax on the Rhône on our French river cruises. Or start your adventure on the Upper Rhine river in Germany, as you experience the diverse cultural experience the country has to offer. Try embarking on a journey of a lifetime through the largest country in the world – Russia. Our European river cruises to this fascinating country will take you along the 2,294-mile-long Volga river, the largest river in Europe, as you experience St. Petersburg, Moscow and more – all in five-star luxury.View our Luxury European river cruise destinations below.

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