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Destination Wedding Blog

Destination Wedding Blog

Everything a destination wedding bride needs to know about planning her big day! VIP has a dedicated destination wedding blog. Martha Stewart and even use VIP’s blog on their site

What’s Included in this All Inclusive?

April 14, 2012

Selecting a resort that’s all inclusive is usually one of the best suggestions that I can give to my wedding couples. Having to not worry about bar tabs and what guests should budget for after they have already invested so much to travel to your wedding, truly lessens the stress and helps …

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My Presence Is My Present!

April 1, 2012

Wedding Gifts Usually I write my blog from the perspective of the bride. Having been a destination wedding bride, I often refer to my own experiences, coupled with experiences I have shared with the other wedding couples I have worked with over the years.  However, this blog entry is from the dual …

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When is it Paradise Season?

March 17, 2012

I often joke with my friends who live in Jamaica, that they don’t have “seasons”; they simply have sunshine or rain.  Of course there are wetter times during the year, but unlike much of the U.S., the temperature in the Caribbean is usually between 75-90 degrees.    So is there really a better …

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Trashing What?

March 14, 2012

Trashing What? There is so much emphasis placed on finding the perfect wedding gown.  Soon to be brides spend hours trying on dresses in search of “the one”  that it is no surprise many gasp when they hear the term “trash the dress”. This concept doesn’t truly mean taking your sacred wedding …

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The Law of Averages!

February 26, 2012

The Law of Averages I would never claim to be a mathematician.  I actually prefer to use a calculator and rarely turn to a piece of paper for simple addition.  I guess you could say that I rely on technology to do my arithmetic.   Therefore, it is really difficult for me to …

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I Need a Plan of Attack!!!

February 4, 2012

I Need a Plan of Attack!!! One of the most common questions my wedding couples ask after they have selected their resort, held their time, and sent their save the dates, is—“how do we plan all the details?” If you are a Type A person, detailed oriented, or even a little OCD, …

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Flowers Die, but Diamonds are Forever . . .

January 22, 2012

Diamonds are Forever Ever hear the expression, “Diamonds are forever”?  What an amazing marketing slogan created by De Beers Jewelers back in 1938!  Those three little words have become synonymous with diamonds and engagement rings as the ultimate piece of jewelry symbolizing eternity or eternal love. The expression isn’t really far from …

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Getting Started

January 2, 2012

Getting Started If I read back through all the blogs I have written, I realize that I never stressed how important it is to know “WHO” you are using to help you plan your destination wedding.   Let’s face it, this is the most important date of your life and most likely it …

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Keep The Faith

December 31, 2011

Keep The Faith Deciding on having a destination usually involves getting family and friends ‘on board’, selecting the perfect location and resort, and budgeting for the costs involved.  Sure, there will be issues with family over affordability of attending, and maybe even some objections to the destination that you have selected.  However, …

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