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Disney or a Cruise Honeymoon

Disney or a Cruise Honeymoon

A Disney honeymoon is perfect for those who want to celebrate their romance and love by being at the most magic place in the world. Disney Vacation Planning is made easy by VIP.  As an Earmarked agency, we have the perfect tools and tips in order to make your happily ever after have a magical start.

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Head for the high seas and the excitement of a cruise! Cruises are the best way to get the most of your honeymoon by going to multiple destinations with luxury. Choose from a long list of exotic destinations. Explore fascinating ports, relax in luxurious accommodations, and let loose with all the fun-filled activities on board. Here are some cruise liners that are popular with honeymoon couples.




Royal Caribbean


Disney Cruise Lines



VIP Vacations is an Authorized Disney Vacation Planning Agency, an Earmarked Award Winning Agency since 2013, and a team that specializing in Disney Vacations!

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